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TOUR CODE : PK 9 Professional Monkey and Snake Show
Monkey Show
Enjoy the spectacular monkey medley in the natural setting of lush tropical verdant vegetation and experience the environment of these indigenous primates as their antics will enthrall you. Diving, basketball, counting and exercises are but some of the monkey's skills in addition to the prime purpose of collecting coconuts. Allow yourself to be enthralled by the highly intelligent, amusing, entertaining, loving , friendly, working monkeys as the trainers put them through their paces for your entertainment.Snake show
This open-air enclosure houses many different kinds of snakes found in Thailand. Explanations of their interesting life cycles, species and demonstration of snake catching. Hang a big python around your neck and get a thrill feeling it. See how they discharge the venom and the exciting performance with a deadly creature. A good opportunity for you to take pictures with a python around your neck!!


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Honeymoon in Thailand (Krabi Package)
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